My name is Stephen and I am a 30 something Husband and father living in Wiltshire who loves board games. I currently work in IT and find the job repetitive but fulfilling. I have a very anti-board game but tolerant wife and 2 fantastic daughters aged 5 and 11 months. My eldest daughter seems rather pro-gaming and is usually my team mate/adversary as the game dictates. I don’t play board games with people anywhere near enough because of time and life. I play solo as much as I can but the family table isn’t ‘My’ table apparently.

I am using this blog mainly to talk about board games in the form of moaning, reviews, session reports and other things. I may also use this blog to vent as appropriate. I hope to be reliable in posting new content but I have set myself the new Year task of twice a week minimum. Hopefully people find this interesting and not to boring to read through.

I ended my Kickstarter binge in September and am finally receiving some products I ordered. Still a long list of intended games and excitedly awaiting them all.

My interest in games started when my school friend (Tom) introduced me to Talisman 4e. This time absorber is fantastic, many flaws but you never forget your first. A break from home gave me 4 months to play Citadels intensively and this spanned from 2 players and 20 minutes to 8 players and 2 hour slogs. My taste in games is pretty much anything I will give a go. I seem to shy away from the classic intro games (Carcassone, Pandemic, etc) which is the same thing I do with movies (never going to watch Scarface). My current attempts to target my collection involve nagging my wife to have a look at my Wishlist and giving me something to work with.