My Day

Today I did ‘manly’ things. I replaced the broken hoover belt and built a flat packed kids Cozy Coupe. If I have researched the hoover belt correctly this should take 5 minutes, not an hour of swearing and stabbed fingers. I hate Hoovers and fiddly things but it works so we can stop poaching Hoovers from neighbours and friends. The Cozy Coupe is ready now for Rose’s birthday and I can’t wait for summer to see her driving it around or been pushed.

I have always struggled with DIY skills. Proved most definitely to me when I asked my Dad how to change the oil on my car and his reply was,

“It’s easy but you couldn’t do it.”

Thanks for that advice Dad. Further proof I suck at DIY is when the washing machine broke and didn’t drain. I watched a video thought I had it figured and spent an hour and who knows how many towels removing the filter and draining the water that way. Turns out the little grey thing directly next to the filter on this model is a very common addition used for the purpose of draining your machine. My wife found this hilarious and we finally drained the washing machine. Dad never wanted to show me and at the time I never wanted to learn. Good old hindsight would have been useful then. Regardless YouTube is saving me slowly.

Other news Arcadia Quest arrived today from GameSeek. I’ve used this company a few times and always good service. Today’s box came with some tiny dents in the corner which I informed them about but I have no interest in getting a replacement product. I am very happy with another game to play. I showed Lily the available characters and even she is excited to give it a go. Will have to see how she handles competitive play. I ordered this because Arcadia Quest: Inferno and Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia are on route at last. It’s going to be a busy February for board games and so many different characters to try.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day/night.


First Club

On Monday I attended my first ever Board Games Club. I was so nervous as socially I ain’t that great. Struggle with eye contact, no small talk, blush like traffic lights and prone to fidgeting. I arrived 5 minutes after the intended start time and all of the 13 people were already huddled in to groups. As the door shut everyone turned to stare at me and then returned to their business. I felt awkward I’ll admit but turning up late was my problem not theirs. I laid my games on the table and waited patiently at the bar whose existence I appreciate for once. Said hello to people as they bought drinks and attempted small talk along these lines;

“Nice Christmas and New Year?”


That was the end of the small talk attempts but I was proud as punch since I initiated the conversation. I took a lonely seat and played on my phone and read a rule book for what felt like half an hour, but looking at the clock closer to 3 minutes. A couple interrupted my solitude and offered a game. I guess they could see the desperation in my Joker-esque grin. We played Colt Express with me winning 2 of the 3 games and a game of Pickomino with me winning again. I appreciated them letting the loner win and had fun learning about the two of them and playing two new games. A vending machine repairman with an obsession for photo filters and a manager of a sex toy factory. The duo warned me that the last gamer they played with never returned. Except for the awkward arrival and wait I enjoyed my time and am going to attend next week work permitting to see if i can find it any less nerve-racking.


This year I intend to;

  • Submit reviews and session reports regularly to BoardGameGeek.
  • Attend a Board Games Club once a week if work allows.
  • Lose some weight.
  • Keep updating this blog as an attempt to improve my writing standard and venting.

This evening I will be attending my first Board Games Club and I am so nervous. I am listing excuses not to attend but my wife is reminding me every chance she gets that I MUST attend. I hope it goes well.